Handmade Control Tower

guess what I got… Guess the tower!


Heathrow?, CDG?, LAX? SAN?, YSSY?, JFK?, EZE?,


Nice model train poster you got there

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LAX. Google told me.

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You made that? Looks nice!

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lol so you guess all the main airports :p

One question, what is it made out of and did you make it? Because it says “guess what I got”…

Since you have the LAX tower… Could you possibly put the Theme Building in the background?

Is that for PG or Advanced😏(Being Sarcastic)

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LAX? Maybe?

There’s an LA Dodgers pennant in the back, so I guess it’s a replica of the tower at LAX ;)

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LAX + that’s the control tower @LSA Los Santos International on GTA V

Whoever said lax was right. Sorry that I didn’t say it earlier it was at 9:30 for me

Haha i dont know how I would do that but I will try

No I did not make it. My cousin did for my bar mitzvah about a year ago