Handmade Boeing 787-9 out of wood

Hey everyone.

I’m making a Boeing 787-9 out of wood, it is really challenging and it actually took me 1.5 days to only finish the nose. The wings and the engines will be a real challenge and will definitely take very much time.

I will post more photos of my progress soon.

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You already attempted to post this topic, and you have been directed to this thread.


Nice, good job on the fuselage of the plane

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Like @Claudio said, you’ve tried to post it again after closure. Please refrain from repeating topics and post it in the Model Aircraft collections thread.

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I think this is amazing!

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Can you tell me how plz

You can just post the pictures in that thread

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Ok thank you

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your welcome :)

While it is aviation related it is not really for RWA. But you can put it into the existing model thread to highlight the hard work.