Handling the unconscious (ignoring) and impatient pilots

This post is specifically in “Training Server”. I’m not looking for opinion for advanced server.

As a pilot, it is really easy to report someone that is irritating because of unwareness and disterbance. However, as an ATC it is really hard to stop them nor notify others.

For example, if anyone is come into the runway without a clearance, and an aircraft is about to land, I would make the landing aircraft to go around then send a warning to the aircraft that entered to the runway several times and won’t send a take off clearance unless actually exits the runway and back taxi to short of runway. Most of the time, this works untill real one comes. Sometimes that they do not listing to the instructions and stop on the runway, repeatedly asking for clearance for take off. But you know what? If they take off, then will colide with the aircraft going around or aircrafts in front that took off.

Would you:

  • Make that aircraft takeoff
  • Make that aircraft stay
  • Other (please post a reply if you are able to)

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Regarding to the example, I’m concerned that how pilots are feeling about listing to the warning sent to other pilots. Please post your opinion in the poll and comment if you have other opinion that is not in option.

It would be:

  • Annoying
  • Report the under after determinded the situation
  • Take off without a clearance or ignore the instruction as its annoying
  • Other

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P.S I’m not looking for answers or suggestions to fly on advanced!!. Because I just want to know what you feel, and there is no problem to post on one poll.


Hi man,

It’s the training sever. Guys come in trying to learn the ropes. We have all been there at one time or another. I’m not sure it’s healthy for the Community or yourself to put this much energy into pilots on the training sever. For example I don’t take anything personal on the training server because I understand that these guys are trying to learn. I wasn’t any better when I started out so who I am to put down their own learning process.

For those reasons this thread is not helpful to the community. It undermines, shames, and puts down new guys and their learning process who just want to learn the game. Fly expert lol.

That’s my two cents 😁


I can’t stand it when the line to takeoff at an airport is too long and this random aircraft decides to fly through everyone and take off without permission, that’s not lack of training that’s being selfish.


I will always go around if an aircraft is on the runway unless I’m in a group flight.


Yea cause that should matter 🙄


Join IFATC, the training server is for training or nimrod activity, we cant do much for TSATC.

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I agree. Some of these pilots don’t care about violations or stats or even other pilots. It’s a game to them. Not a sim. I feel what you’re saying. I started off wanting to take things seriously. I worked twice as hard to earn my way into the expert server to avoid such things.


Making mistakes are fine, and what I’m talking about is spamming, or doing something that shouldn’t be done. As I already wrote in the post, please refrain from advertising advanced server, we all know its best.

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Read the post. I wrote not to advertise sdvanced server, we all know its best.
Thank you

I know its best to go to advanced, but here I’m just asking for ideas and thoughts and ATC command/warning sent :)

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I don’t know if there is anything you can do. A lot of the pilots in the TS don’t have a clue what an on guard warning is or go around commands. They don’t watch the tutorial videos.

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The only the thought you​ need is "fly expert instead of subtlety complaining about TS1 pilots and asking the Community to co sign your indirect subtle complaint.

You want a better experience? Fly expert. I mean seriously.

Sadly I am at 35,000 xp and doing whatever I can to get tier3.

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You’ll be there soon enough!

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This is not a complaint, I just wanting to find out what you or others feel if they get such ATC commands discribed.

Honestly I can’t understand the point of this topic, YOU DONT Want a opinion from Advanced Controller,why? Sadly in TS you can’t do anything with the people that don’t follow instructions so if you are lucky to find enough “good” pilots you will enjoy your session but I believe doesn’t happen really often…so the one and only suggestion that i have is to try to join IFATC if you love controlling.
An Advanced Controller


You can get to grade 3 with 30 mins of intense touch and goes in a figure of 8 shape on the casual server. Make sure there is no one else there tho!

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Group flights overrule everything. You should know that, come on.


@Tim_B what was I thinking. Where was my head yesterday 😂

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This is so common on TS1, ever since I have been able to fly on expert it is like heaven.
In TS1 people just do whatever they want, there are a few people who know and follow the rules of ATC although there is always someone who is not following the rules or cutting in line for take off, taking off without clearance.
When I am cleared to land, some aircraft comes over me and tries to land before me without clearance form the ATC.

When I do see these type of people I immediately report them.
Thankfully there is a expert server.

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