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Google Chrome.

What kind of warnings? The ones which are like ‘This site is unsafe’ ?

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Webflow is perfectly safe. If you read through there free plan it specifically states free SSL
Don´t say anything if you don´t know what you are tallking about

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I do know what i’m talking about.


lots of people use wix, however if you can find a good host (free or premium) i would recommend having a look at mobirise.

It is a free software you download to your laptop and you make custom websites with a lot more freedom than a web based site builder. Its what I used to make Qatar Virtual’s new site :)

Its super easy to use and has great freedom and functionality to do what you want, Would 100000% recommend for a free professional looking site.

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Thanks guys. I’ve recently made a website for my VA. Here it is: www.ifwideroevirtual.com

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