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I have a VA that is currently in the process of getting IFVARB approved. In order to do that; I have been told to make a pilot handbook and a website. Does anyone know any good free website makers? I know what a handbook is, but I’m not necessarily sure how to make one. Can anyone help me with this?

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Here is what many va’s use.- https://www.vabase.com

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Google Sites
and there’s so many more

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Thanks, although weebly is difficult and expensive to use. The free version is hopeless.

I have used Google Sites before - its very simple to use

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I wouldn’t use Weebly. It’s blocked in several countries around the world. Wix
and Google sites are good

You Can put in the handbook all specific rules such as your behaviour on an airport and in the air. What aircraft Can you fly per rank and stuff…

Make a nice layout for your handbook. Make it clear how everything works.

I recommend using this thread to find people to help you out:

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Hey mate, if your not good at websites I suggest wix, if you’re good then I suggest weebly. I have multiple weebly websites myself.

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webflow.com is a great website to use. As for the handbook it’s really just a google doc about the procedures and how your airline runs.

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Weebly and wix are both good website builders, have used them both :)
So I’d say Weebly is a little better than Wix

I recommend everyone taking a look at this topic, i see multiple people suggesting the same websites. Point Of Order: When it's answered, it's answered.

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Does this work for Infinite Flight? Just asking because I don’t see it listed in the software supported.

It isn’t. It’s mainly for desktop sims.

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Yes, it does work with Infinite Flight. British Airways uses vaBase. However, it is based on a subscription.

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I wouldn’t suggest Webflow, as it has a safety violation, Difficult to use, and makes you pay to Get security verification, which rarely works.

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Safety Violation? What do you mean by that?

Safety Violation? Ha funny. You get free SSL so not sure what your talking about there.

No, you don’t. We tried making a site using webflow and got warnings.

Warnings from who?