Hand made livery contest (paper, and digital)

Hello! 👋🏻

I am here to present to you the contest of all livery creation contests. For this you must not use any tools. There are too types, all submissions must be PMed to me by November 25, 2018 5:00 AM


  • temples may be used
  • no digital ruelers, tracing, or stencils
  • stylists/other similar physical drawing tools may be used
  • absolutely no logos, or other incerted images are to be used
  • no “fill” tools
  • no text tools (though hand made text is allowed)

Hand Drawn

  • any tools may be used
  • no tracing
  • no temples
  • no pasted on logos, or other images

As mentioned before, plese send me an image, with that airline, and aircraft it is supposed to be. We will be using the honor system, so please follow those rules, I look forward to judging theses, and opening it up to public voteing!


Interesting idea! I hope to see what comes out! (Watch out for Ryan Vince. He might just blow the competition out.)


Ya, I had the idea after looking though the design your Airline or repaint thread and being disappointed at how many people seem to just put text, and logos from images on, and call it a day, I want to see what people can do with there fingers…

Interesting, just kind of confused. Are we supposed to recreate an actual livery? Or make our own airline? Or either?

Cool idea
Might toon out very well

Anything you want, as long as it is a paint job on an aircraft, and follows those rules

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I’m going to have to try this! Great idea!

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Ooh I am going to have to try this

So just to confirm this @KPIT, the logo and associated designs have to be manually drawn with something such as the shape tool?

Is it alright if I use this app called Procreate?

You can dow whatever logo you want, just mo inserted images, or stencils to get to it…

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What if i print templates and draw the livery?

Under the rules for hand drawn it says no templates, so anything non digital has to be all done by you…

Ah okay all my pre done livery’s have been done that way

Just my 2¢, but if you wanted to make it easier to choose who does the best at a livery, then I would Base it off if one thing. Like for example, let’s say you wish to find who can recreate the best Southwest 737-800 (no scimitars; just winglets). You now can now make it easier on yourself by seeing one subject rather than multiple. ;)

What if I were to duplicate the template layer, fill it, and erase part of it?

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