so I was on approach at lax and I was hand flying and everything seemed to be coming along until when I finally touched down and the plane completely deviates off the runway on touch down. why does this happen. I wasn’t even going too fast I was at 140 knots. why does this happen?

Was there a crosswind? If so, you need to apply rudder to correct for the crosswind or else your aircraft will veer off the runway.

for me is like when I am far away I use AP but when I don’t want to press the buttons I hand fly.

there wasn’t really cross wind and I was using the rudder as hard as I could and it still deviated off the runway

So there was no wind, or it was just a small crosswind? Also, what aircraft were you in?

I was in a 767-300er and the winds were at 9kntts 15m

What were the winds? 150@9kts?

Was it a good landing or hard

no 15@9knts

it was a good landing speed was fine and everything

Ok that is almost a direct crosswind for the east to west runways at LAX, so it’s likely you didn’t apply enough rudder or your rudder sensitivity was very low.

maybe try clearing your senery cache

how do I regulate the sensitivity

what’s that ?

I don’t think so. It’s likely a controls issue.

I don’t have my iPad rn but I think it’s in one of the setting menus at the bottom

Settings -> Controls -> Yaw Sensitivity -> adjust the slider to your personal preference! Mine is about 2/3

yeah probably

could I see a screenshot

Click on settings, the last tab on the bottom left says controls, select that, then you will see three sliders on the right hand side of the screen, yaw, or rudder, is the last one. Adjust that one.