Hamzaviator’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

I will be using this Thread to train for my IFATC Tests!

Status: Open
Airport: KLCK
Frequency: G&T
Area(s) of focus: Pattern work, Parallel Runways & High levels of Traffic
Pattern work : ✅

feedback would be appreciated!

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G&T Open AT OEYN! Pattern work would be helpful!

Tags: @Mxrzy @Kyles.aviation

I’ll be there

thanks! if u want a feedback at the end would also be appreciated!

When is this

I’ll join in 5 mins

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it is open whenever the info says “open”

Ok I’ll join in 8 mins

I’m controlling vabb rn I will join in few minutes hope you are open till another half an hour

@Hamzaviator Will you be there for another 20-30m? I’ll join.

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sure im staying here for long enough

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Bruh my ipad lost charging don’t mind if I join again in a little while

its alright

Feedback -
When a msg is not proper or sent by mistake always say correction, disregard last msg and not correction stand by.
Didn’t clear me for takeoff when the aircraft was 5nm away

my guy i was busy it takes time to reply sorry
and yes sorry when i realized he was on 2nm so sosrry

Feedback SU-UNG:

  • No need to Line up and wait for my takeoff: there was no aircraft on the runway
  • Missed traffic direction when my inbound
  • Missed sequence before clearance
  • There is command “turn base” following for “extend downwind”, no need for “enter L/R base rwy XX”
    This is same to “extend upwind” and “turn crosswind”

ps. 777, 350, 330 are all in ICAO wingspan cat.E and there are also gates for cat E. So I think it’s ridiculous to 777, 350 are too large and 330 is permitted.

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session closed

thank you @Suungx2 @Yash_Prabhu @sutterseba @LR_Games_HD

Most welcome

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You gave me transition >=2500
This is good but
Airfield eleveation + 2500 = 2526
and roundup to nearest 500
So 3000 would be better.

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thank you i will note that

yeah i was thinking about that but it wouldve been like spamming messages

correct. i belive i missee alot of sequencing as i got caught in stuff

thanks i will also note that

i understand but considering the traffic the gates would be cramped up
but i will note that too

i will do in OPKC next as it is larger and practice parralel