HamzaAviationNation’s ATC Tracking Thread - [OPEN] @OEJN

Welcome to @HamzaAviationNation‘s ATC tracking thread

I use this thread to tell when im active at an Airport. This isnt just any normal atc because I know proper atc procedures rather than the normal TS atc, But Still not the IFATC level.

Server: Training
Airport: OEJN
Frequency: G&T
Area(s) of focus: Anything
Pattern work : ✅

Thank you to @Fourthnebula919 for the template and please let me know if you want me to control any airport at any time, if im Available ill let you know!

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Hello, my name is Jack and I was M-XRZY. I just wanted to point out a few things that I saw during your session…

  • I’m not quite sure what was going on on the towers side but my taxi clearances were very delayed. To the point where I had to request 3 times. Make sure to always get back to the aircraft within 30 seconds, even if it is just to hold position.
  • When I was cleared for takeoff, Emirates should have been told to hold short rather than been given a departure sequence.
  • After takeoff, I began my pattern work and made it to left downwind by the time you closed. In that time I had yet to receive a clearance. Make sure that you always give the aircraft a sequence if applicable and a clearance ASAP.
  • This was kind of random but make sure your not giving anyone any radar vectors while on the tower frequency ;) that is reserved for the radar frequencies.

Otherwise it looked pretty good. Keep working and I’m sure you’ll get there in no time! Have an awesome day!

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Oh, and make sure to tag me next time you open :)

Feel free to @ me when open!

Open in EGLL
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Hello @Hamzaviator,
I would not recommend opening in an airport like London or Dubai. These airports are often frequented by trolls and have heavy traffic making it difficult to respond to players. I recommend these airports below as they have less traffic and have welcoming runways:

Banglore- VOBL
Ontario- KONT
Berlin- EDDT
San Deigo- KSAN


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Thanks alot but i prefer busy airports

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Open in OPKC Center
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Would advise you to open Only Ground + Tower till you master it and clear ur practicals.

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What im not joining ifatc since idk why i cant for 60 days cuz of a level 2 violation like 2 weeks ago

Open in OEJN G&T
Tags: @mxrzy @Kyles.aviation

If that’s the case, you’re not supposed to open a tracking thread as this is only reserved for users currently in training with IFATC as per the category guidelines.

I mean i will be i wanna practice but what i mean is i cant join now for about 45 day

Unfortunately, I believe you then have to close this thread and wait untill you’re actually in training under IFATC, but I’ll leave the rest over to the moderators.

Ok thanks lemme do that then

Close threadsomeone

You could always send a PM to @/moderators and ask for permission to open a thread :)

Ok but i read rules again and it say that so someone close thread now:(