Hamidreza_Bakhtjou's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KJFK

Airport: KJFK
Tower & Ground
Server: Training

please stop by and do some pattern work.
I appreciate your help AND wait for your feedbacks below this topic.


Can you send your patterns to me as well to make a radar pattern thanks

I don’t know how to do that

If youhave one like makes pattern you can send them to me also only with frequency change

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Feedback from JY-ARB

Everything you gave me was great. I couldn’t do a full session because I’m busy with something. Anywho, you runway change was on point and your clearances. If you’re ever open, just ping me.

Thanks, have a nice day/night.

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just wait few minutes, i will come as EP-HRB in your space and do what you need to do

Feedback from F-EDEX

Everything was perfect but when you cleared me for the option after the runway change you should have included a make right/left traffic message
Good job at sending me to approach but i just wanted to test out the transition altitude and it was perfect,
For the next time try controlling airports with parallels runways and with different elevations to practice transitions and runway change!
As always tag me when you open and I’ll try to hop in!


Thanks for your help. have a good day

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You absolutely right. @Robert_NG001 was at approach and wants me to send some traffic there! Thanks for your help

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