Hamidreza_Bakhtjou ATC Tracking Thread - [closed] @MMUN

Airport: MMUN

I am preparing myself for IFATC practical test
Your support, whether it be departing, arriving or pattern work and your feedback is greatly appreciated.


Feel free to tag me next time! I’d love to help.

(Cancún is amazing btw)

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Feedback: HA-PPY

  • No major issues. A bit late when sending the exit runway and pushback commands, but that’s it.

  • You could have given XC-JSB37 cleared for takeoff instead of LUAW. This increases efficiency in instances where there is more traffic.

Great job! Good luck on your practical ;)

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That’s very kind of you, Thanks

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Thanks for coming. I wait until you reach 50 knots to send “exit runway”. wish to join you guys in IFATC :)

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@Cooper_Marcukaitis @Yasin_S @Ehsan_Khodaei @Fedex @Rocky_Black

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@I_AM_KOREAN_FOX @JonesL @Nee @RoyalJordanian

I am not Available Sorry

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Hey, my call sign was VT- VAR .

Don’t have much to tell. You were perfect in giving Clearance and runway change with the traffic entry to me.

  1. The runway change to 12R was not dealt appropriately.

  2. It should go like this VT VAR Extend Upwind Ill call your crosswind.
    Now when the space is there. Give me the pattern entry for runway change sequence and clearance.
    If same runway give me the Turn Crosswind command .

  3. You forgot to issue me extend downwind when I turned to Right base before Aeroflot 004VA.

  4. After exiting the runway I was very near to Aerosmith 004VA and I belive that you should have sent me a Maintain safe distance from aircraft ahead.

You are all good with the sequence and clearance etc.
Do upgrade yourself with the upwind conflict and Ground conflict. And I hope to see you as IFATC soon.



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Thanks, maybe next time. I have a question as you are an expert. when we re-sequence someone who has got his landing clearance before, should we send clearance again?!

@Hamid_RB, it was great for me, thanks!

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Thanks for coming

I should keep that in my mind

I was watching you carefully, as you correct yourself to follow Aeroflot, I assume no command is needed

I should keep that in mind too :)
wish to join you guys in IFATC

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So I took the other way I turned to eight base only to get a extend downwind.

No problems, dobone or to practice session tag me when you start the session.

Yiu may take the practical as and whn you want as I feel you’re ready for the practical.

Who is your Recruiter ?



@RoyalJordanian is my Recruiter.

That’s very kind of you, i appreciate your help.

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Sorry For Late Reply …

I was Working…

Umm Depends on the situation.
Depends on whether the plane and second plane distance, which have already been granted landing permits, deserves to be re-sequencing.

For example, when an already land permit plane is in a distant LDW (Left Downwind) and that second plane is in the RDW (Right Downwind) or Final, which is very close to the Localizer, I usually designate Re-Sequencing again based on that second plane, with “Disregard Last Message” on the first plane.

I’m not sure it helped much.


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