Hamid_RB's Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ SKRG

Hello and welcome to my Radar Tracking Thread!
My name is Hamid and I am IFATC Specialist under radar training. I created this topic to do radar training and you are very welcome to help! please come to the airport that I have mentioned in title with these considerations:

Server: Training … frequency: Approach…SKRG runway01 in use only

  • Take off from same airport or nearby ones and contact me on approach frequency.
    You can ask for any kind of approach as you wish!

  • Please only use the designed runway for training goals, regardless of wind direction.

  • At the end please report any terrain bust or other separation issues as feedback.


Hey, feel free to add me to the ping list!

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What? A new one?

A new of what? :)

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