Hamburg Airport Spotting

Hamburg Airport Spotting

Unfortunately the weather was a bit bad today. But I catched some planes with a nice view.

ATR from Stuttgart arriving at runway 23

BCS3 Air Baltic coming from Riga!

Eurowings A320 from Faro!

Condor „Wir Lieben Fliegen“ Livery arrived from Chania unfortunately the sun was behind the clouds there.

The 🐳 arrived from DXB! 🥹

Iberia on final from Madrid!

It‘s the best airport in the world @NJ24 will agree ;)



That’s a MHS Aviation Do328 🫣


awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww very pretty :)

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I guess the type looks like it was wrong 😂😅

Brilliant shots dude ! :) Hamburg is amazing ! ;)

If the B757 is a pencil, why can’t people write with it

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