Hamburg Airport shuts down due to power loss


My Words
Hamburg airport closed roughly an hour ago due to power failure. For such a massive airlport, this can’t be good for most of Europe.

Not my words
passengers have been evacuated from the German airport.

Few flights were able to take off, however the Airport is closed for all arrivals since around 10 am local time. Ground handling was stopped immediately. An earlier statement said: “We are currently working on finding a solution“.

Many flights out are canceled.


Nice, lots of crews get an extra night stop or, indeed, an unexpected night stop in Hamburg!

I can think of far worse places, it’s a lovely city.

Wonder who pulled the wrong plug out for the hoover this time???


The only good thing is it isnt a massive hub for anyone. Sounds similar to what happened in ATL a few months ago.

Exactly what I thought when I found this.

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