Hamad runways

Hey does anyone know the arriving runways for hamad since i checked on goofle and cant seem to find it and discord is no help either

Gate numbers would also help
Athens to doha

Also any website to find these 2 because i always have ti ask someone with un familliar airporta

You can check flightradar.24.com. They show the live runways being used by traffic in real time. You can do the same with the routing on FR24 using the search function.

Ok thx alot and anything about gates since flight radar dosent always show

From what I’m able to see, it appears that 35L is the runway in use. 35R is probably closed at the moment.

Nonetheless, as Average_Gamer has said, using FlightRadar24 is generally the best there is around. If that still doesn’t work, it might be worth taking a look on FlightAware or SkyScanner for more information on the same flight.


Thank you and do you know anything about finding gates

Here is the gate number used by the most recent QR204 flight:

Although it only shows the departure gate. Best to just park at a terminal that Airbus A320 aircraft normally park at.

This can be found on QR204 (QTR204) Qatar Airways Flight Tracking and History - FlightAware

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Ok thank you know i can find out the runways and gates for all my flights!

34L for outbound and 34R for inbound.


Ok alr thx for correcting i thought it was 34L for both

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You can look at the website of the airport your departing from and arriving at. Sometimes they show the gate the plane is parked at

Yes i ddi but not found but i learned now since flight aware can show too

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