Hamad International Airport, SMART AIRPORT

That’s what they said for the

  1. docklands light railway
  2. Heathrow trams
  3. us military drones
  4. manufacturing lines
  5. soon to be underground trains
  6. Driverless cars
    List goes on and will continue to grow

I really dislike automation (to some extent)

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Yeah me too.
As an aspiring pilot (which many others here are as well) I’m worried my dream job will not exist soon

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So true I think the only reason people are saying “automation is bad” is because they are afraid of change. I think Elon Musk made a comment about this also, Doha might be pushing too far since technology can be easily compromised with the right tools. I don’t think its right to allow people to get through security and check in like this…

That does look cool. I’m going there soon! Hopefully it is as good as it says they are in the video 😁.

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I hate the fact that for such a new airport they will still disembark a B787 from London with Buses in 50 degree heat when we are used to 30 max 😂

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As problebly mentioned, it takes apart from human reactions, emotions, etc.

Where do all the jobs go for people who are currently do those activities (check in person, security officer, gate attendant)

i disagree mate humans will be most likely replaced eventually and we will live in a society where everything i provided by the government because of the abundance of resources due to automation. You way not like the sound of it that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen.

they may be able to in the future

That is very smart, but at this time I wouldn’t trust it.

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