hallum21’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]

Hey I’ll be open at KCLT for the next hour.

Come by for some pattern work and let me know how I’m doing.

I passed the written for ifatc and waiting on my practical.

Server: training
Open Runways: 18R, 18C, 18L

I’ll come by for some patterns. N4EM.

Thanks great

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I will be back up in 15-20 mins


  • Sequence good.

  • On clearance don’t need say “cleared for the option, make left traffic”. You cleared me for takeoff left traffic, all my patterns will be on left pattern. Only say “cleared for the option”.

Regards. Dani

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Thanks you for the input!

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Open at KCLT
Training server
Come by for pattern work

@mvh1221 how long will you be open sir? If you open back up I will come fly a pattern or two.

I will be opening in about 30 mins


Ok great thanks

Right. However if a runway change is requested then you would have to say the traffic pattern after clearing.

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Back open at KCLT for 30 mins.

Come on by for pattern work.

Great job sir, everything was pretty spot on. Just want to add one thing. Once I was cleared for takeoff make left traffic, you told me to enter left downwind, which you don’t have to do as a controller in that situation. Also, great job giving the exit runway command as soon as you saw my slowing down, as that is a good thing to watch for. @mvh1221

After I told you cleared for takeoff make left traffic, the next thing I would say to you is cleared to land for the option?

correct, when i am on the downwind.

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I purposefully chose to do some pattern work at an uncontrolled field beneath the Class Bravo shelf of KCLT to see whether you would “take the bait” and contact me on guard. You did but didn’t do so more than once, so that was good. I ignored your call and continued on Unicom for the field I was using until I needed to cross over to the east of Charlotte.
Good job on the airspace transition I requested.

Thanks for your service!

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Thanks for the great feedback

Open at KBUF TS1 for the next hour.

Open at KCLT on TS1