Halloween Update?

Who thinks we will get something or a update for Halloween?

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No

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No, but if we get an FnF then I’m wrong

The devs are only working on global flight right now. What could they release on Halloween?


That aircraft they mentioned

The Concord?

An announcement

Laura hasn’t shown any evidence of the aircraft’s development, though.

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Who said she had too?

It was stated during a recent episode of FlightCast that the developers are only working on global right now. Everything else is pure speculation.

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I think an update for Halloween is useless, maybe it’s better that Laura continues to work for Global ;)


I think we are better off getting a large awesome update for Christmas that get a smaller update for Halloween

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Candy livery’s…😵😵

We’ll see ghosts in the sky

Sorry just get ghosted XD

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How do you know that? They are not solely working on global flight, for all we know they could also be working on GA aircraft…

Not useless if it is global!

Hint hint nudge nudge


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