Halloween Flying

As October shifts into November, Halloween comes along. The amazing people at @AirChinaVirtual set up a cool little Halloween flight event that included you doing 5 routes and different rewards for the routes you do! Anyways here are my top screenshots from this event, hope you enjoy!

Server: Expert
Route: Many
Planes: 737, A319, 77W

The first route ZBAA-ZSPD! My tiny Air China 737 awaiting pushback as night turns into day

Another tiny plane, the A319, putting the gear up after departure at ZSPD… (ZSPD-ZGGG)

After landing at ZGGG we take a quick A319 hop up to Wuhan, China… (ZGGG-ZHHH)

After buttering in beautiful Wuhan, we take the 737 heading down to Hong Kong this route was ZHHH-VHHH

And last but not least the long haul route. The first picture is taking off from Hong Kong in the sunrise and the 2nd is landing in Boston. This route was a 15 hour long haul in the brand new 77W! (VHHH-KBOS)

I hope all of you enjoyed and pls go check out Air China Virtual. They are one of the best VA’s I’ve ever joined and a lot of new stuff just came with a new update!!

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Looks like fun, Alex! Thank you so much for the kind words! I hope you enjoy the VA update and enjoy the flight time bonus! ;)

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Thanks Jarrett! It sure was fun

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