Halifax Flyout (Done! Thx IFC) @CYHZ-071500ZAPR19

Server: Casual

Airport: CYHZ

Time: 1500Z 2019-04-07T15:00:00Z

NOTAM: We will be using the Jazz air apron for the air canada Jazz aircraft, There will be no heavies allowed, departing runways announced day before event, use Unicom wisely if no atc. And last but not least: You MUST wait until the weekend to be signed up, you may request on a week day but I don’t have device access on weekdays.


Commercial Terminal:

Gate 2E: @J2S (Nothwest virtual) A319 NWA to KJFK (Northwest001)
Gate 3:
Gate 5:
Gate 6:
Gate 7: @vidal99977 A321 ACA to CYYZ (Air Canada 99977)
Gate 8:
Gate 9:
Gate 12: @Matthew_20204 CRJ7 to KEWR
Gate 14:
Gate 15:
Gate 16:
Gate 18:@Jens_Severin AAL/TWA b738 to KJFK (SANDW1CH)
Gate 20:@OrcaKid WJA b738 to CYUL (ORCA19)
Gate 22:@Ethan4 Porter DH8D CYOW (Porter246)
Gate 23:
Gate 24: @ztoastednoodle Northwest A319 to KBOS Northwest 913
Gate 26:
Gate 27:
Gate 28:
Gate 36:
Gate 38:
Gate 42:
Gate 44:
Gate 46:

Cargo Gates:

Cargo 1:
Cargo 2:

Jazz Aviation Apron:

Jazz 1: @Kuba_Jaroszczyk CRJ2 to CYOW (tba)
Jazz 2: @fadel_mufti ACA CRJ9 to KJFK (ACA8877)
Jazz 3:


Ground: @hugo_wallin
Tower: @hugo_wallin

Event credits:
@OrcaKid: Creator.
@Balloonchaser: Helping me with my previous event that inspired me.


I’m in gate 20!

Can I take ground and tower ATC IF possible?

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Yes you may!

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I’ll take 22 please! :D

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You are 22!

Can I get your callsign aircraft and livery and destination?

Gate 18, do you have any suggested routes I can take?

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I will write you down!
To EGLL WJA b738

Air Canada CRJ9 to JFK is my route then

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Can I get your callsign?

SANDW1CH will be my callsign

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And also I’d have to put you in the Jazz air apron for that livery. Would you like to change or take a Jazz apron?

ok, then ill take AMERICAN TWA livery

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737-800 twa American it is!

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@Ethan4, I need your aircraft, destination, livery, and callsign please.

Are you coming?

  • Yes I’m on the list
  • No, but I want to
  • No, just a flat no
  • I want ATC

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What do you think?

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Jazz Air spot for anyone?

Lets fill Halifax airport! Come and sign up now!

I’ll take gate 7 please