Halifax Fly-Out | 18FEB23

Halifax, Nova Scotia. A historic site with events mostly ships related, still has one of the greatest airports which still serves up to 3 Million passengers and more in a year. Now, lets get into the Rules and Gate info.


  1. If ATC is active, follow all commands. This event will be on regular Expert Server
  2. If ATC is not active, use UNICOM properly.
  3. Do not impede on other people’s experience.
  4. We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for your violations. Please follow all Expert Server rules.
  5. Have fun!


There will be no gate assignments as this is an official event! This is to allow as many people to join

If you have claimed a gate before the gates were removed, you can still spawn in at any available gate!

We also need ATC. Here is the ATC list

ATIS: Free (To be taken when even begins)
Ground: Free (To be taken when even begins)
Tower: Free (To be taken when even begins)
Departure:Free (To be taken when even begins)
Center:Free (To be taken when even begins)

This event features Sponsors. Sponsors are used to help promote other people’s events. Please note that to be sponsored, your event must happen before this event. Sponsors will be listed in the drop down below.


None yet!

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Thanks for viewing. I hope you will enjoy this event!


A220 to KBOS

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What airline will you be using?

Air Canada


You have been put down and signed up!

AC A220 to Montreal

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Air Canada Rouge YYZ A319

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Hello everybody! Gates will be removed as this event is now a Community event! We apologize if you have reserved a gate, but you can still join on the 18th of February!

Less than 20 days until the event!

Damn, I wish I could go but I’m working that weekend

Looking forward and hoping to be able to attend this event!

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Must bump this

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Westjet 737-700 to CYYC

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Ya know ill be attending

Any route and aircraft suggestions? I’m struggling to think of routes for this fly out haha

Halifax to Boston q400 air canada


If you want a short one, try YHZ - YYT in a WestJet Encore Q400 or Air Canada A321.

You can also try a pretty generic route, YHZ - YYZ in an Air Canada A321 or WestJet 738.

If you want a longer route, you can cross the entirety of Continental Canada by doing YHZ - YYZ in an Air Canada A321/BCS3.


Thanks both of you for the routes! I will definitely do one of these!

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To Calgary with the 737-800 Westjet

Gate 14, A350-900 Qatar to Doha