Half the airport is gone(Solved)

I was flying in the event of the IFATC in Brazil, in the graphic Medium so to increase my FPS I decided to turn everything in the low until the takeoff, but when I changed, the ground was thus like in the photo, but only one part of the airport disappeared, the other one part was still showing !! I did not know what to do so I left and tried to enter again and persisted z I decided to put everything in the High Resolution and continued anyway I managed to make the taxi to the track, soon after I took it back everything went back to normal Someone knows what may have happened, that a mod move my topic if it is not appropriate to post Here in General!


This is know to happen when you change settings mid-flight.

I always change and nothing happens just yesterday happened !!

It may happen, not always.

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This has happened to me, I just rebooted my router and solved everything. When it happens to you again try doing this.

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