Half Runway Floating(?) When spawning in at WZ38

I spawned in at the airport “WZ38”. Half the runway appears to be floating. Here are some images:

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (1st gen)
iOS 11.2.5

Is anyone else able to reproduce this issue? I have restarted iPad etc, all those normal things you do when there’s a corrupt file.

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Did you try to improve or reduce settings?

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I got all highs and same issue… good catch! Have you tried reinstalling?

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I’m spawning into that airport now

Delete it and redownloading IF? I think this could just be a glitch.

Can someone on Android see if they have this issue? Its possible its just a packaging error produced when the app was being released.

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@Aviator_Airbus Please don’t tag mods.

Yeah, been there done that.

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Is this issue happening to everyone? It could be a terrain glitch, or messed up airport file (My guess).

Is everything else on your IF fine or are there other issues too?

Let’s stick to the issue at hand. Can anyone else reproduce this issue and provide proof?


Yep, here you go:

iPad 9.7 inch
iOS 11.2.1

Is everyone that is experiencing this running 17.12.2? (That’s the version of your Infinite Flight build)


iPad Pro 9.7

Affirm. Time to hook up the iPad to the computer!

Yep. I am on 17.12.2

Everyone sit tight for a sec. I’ve alerted the Airport Editing Team and we will go from there ;)


The issue has been confirmed, and we have decided that the best course of action at this point is to remove the airports from the repository until the elevation profiles of the surrounding scenery can be made more accurate. We have also removed the nearly placed WZ15.

Thanks for the report,

Ryan Epps

Airport Editing Supervisor