Half Naked Man Runs Onto Taxiway At KATL

Yesteraday, at my home airport KATL, a half naked man jumped a fence and ran onto the taxiway.

Thankfully he didn’t get sucked into a plane or disrupted any flights. The 19 year old was then arrested and was not found to be armed.

He jumped onto a wing of an aircraft and pounded on the windows. His alcohol blood count was over 0.8. He also had a smell of weed. Thankfully, nobody was hurt.

-there seems to be no reason telated to terrorism for
his action-

Source: Half-naked man causes disturbance at Atlanta airport | 6abc.com


That is… interesting. It seems just about every 2 weeks something stupid happens in the airline industry 🤦🏼‍♂️


How crazie do people get🤦🏼‍♂️ I dont understand, why would you do this

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He was intoxicated over the legal limit. That likely played a big role in this.

Edit: the thing you added in regarding narcotics probably played an equal if not greater role in this


I completely, 100% agree.


For some reason i thought the pictures were from GTA V, haha 😂


I Would believe that if that were the case!

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I was like WHAT THE HECK until I read that… lol


I am equally confused to why this guy did it IRL…

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Lets keep this thread PG please. This is an aviation thread not the place to be talking about you know.

Wouldn’t call it PG to talk about a guy running half naked in KATL…

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«Weed» , nothing more to say


This is the result of an Aviation Geek + Alcohol - “I just wanted to see the planes up close”


Oops… I will just change the whole story

  • jk
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probably was @dush19


Wow, how dumb can you be.


LOL… I read this article and I laughed.

GTA all over again.


But serious this sais how easy it is to get on an airport at EHAM people could do this easy at the Polderbaan the fence is only 1 meter high and there is a little bit water between it but you can swim trough it Its way to easy🤷🏼‍♂️

That is true. It’s a serious security risk.
Just imagine someone suicidal runs onto a runway just after a heavy touched down and they start runnung towards the aircraft. What do the Airport Authorities say then?

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Glad that he didn’t run on to the RWY, that would’ve been deadly, as a plane could be second from landing or one is roaring down the RWY to takeoff.

Security measurements are needed to take against the fact that people can jump over a fence and gain access to a restricted area so easily.

And like @Springbok777 said, what if someone is suicidal. Not only is that person risking his life but also the passengers on the plane.

The scenario could’ve been worse, luckily for this guys he didn’t get the chance to do anything more stupid that would more lives in danger.