Half Moon Bay Airport Day 2018 Photos

A couple weeks ago I attended the Half Moon Bay Airport Dream Machines event (Airport Day) to check out the cars, meet pilots, controllers, and of course to watch planes! I flew in around 9AM and the whole ramp was already packed with hundreds of vintage and exotic cars, eight P-51s, a DC-3, and many other display aircraft. It was a very successful event and brought thousands of people together to admire the aviation and automobile industry for a day in Half Moon Bay.

Here are some of the photos I took from it.

Yak 52 taxing out with an R44 in the background which was giving helicopter rides throughout the day.


One of the coolest aircraft at the show. This 1939 DC-3 was giving cheap Bay Tours throughout the day as well. I was tempted to cash in and take a ride but I saved some $ and photographed it instead :)


Another Yak 52 with a friendly pilot. There were at least a dozen Yaks on static display or flying formation during the event.

The temporary control tower open for the event. The controllers were super cool and I spent the majority of the day talking to them and hanging out in the “tower” taking photos.

The DC-3 performing an overhead pass. The sound those P&W engines made as I took these shots were incredible. Wish I got a video!

One of several P-51s pictured below taxing for a formation flight with a Yak-11 behind it.

Now in the air, the P-51 breaking off from the formation with the Yak on the final pass of the formation flight.

Pictured below is a very rare P-51H Mustang after landing from its formation flight. One of only five P-51H Mustangs to survive World War II and one of two airworthy P-51H Mustangs still left.

The day wouldn’t be complete without a proper Bay Tour, right? I went for a quick Bay Tour after spending a majority of the day at Half Moon Bay. Here’s a cool cruise ship I saw crossing beneath the Golden Gate Bridge during the tour.

A closer view of the cruise ship beneath the Golden Gate.

As I mentioned, the event was very successful. Many people came in from out of town and all the locals came out to support the annual show. It’s definitely on my list of events to fly in next year!

Also big thanks to the controllers for being so cool and inviting me up to the tower and the airport for giving me ramp access for photos!

Hope everyone likes the pictures, look forward to hearing your feedback on them!

Equipment Used:

Canon 80D & Canon 7D

Canon 70-200 f/4L USM, Canon 28-135 f/3.5-5.6 IS USM, Canon 50 f/1.8 STM

Instagram: @krhvphotography


Wow, these planes look so old. I didn’t know they could still fly for airshows.

Yes, they’re just a little bit older than @anon66442947… maybe.

It wouldn’t be a real show without any P-51s but the DC-3 was a nice touch for sure!


I always thought planes have to be up to FAA standards in order to fly.

The old ones are outdated, so mostly they are not updated to fit FAA standards.

Guess I was wrong…

Anyways, nice to see these old fashions back in the air

Woah, these are like unreal movie shots…KHAF and the Bay Area is simply a stunning place it seems

Wow, what vivid shots! Deserves a great commendation. Looks nothing like the old Playground server with 737-700s everywhere… ;)

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Just thinking to myself 😂 Where were all thr 738s?

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Those are some old aircraft

Thank you. Bay Area is a great place to live since the photo opportunities here especially are endless

@anon31652286 @Ameru187 Yep no modern airliners here 😂 Just some vintage heavy metal

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I love that orange and teal editing! Very Very nice pictures!

Thanks! orange and teal has been my thing for the past few months 🤘

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