Half an airport + camera seizure bug

Okay I will start with the most important bug i have run into. After approximately 30 mins give or take, the camera angles all started bugging out spasming , i managed to take some side by side screenshots to try to show my problem, plus, i have not found where the new flight time option was.
Secondly, i know this is the first update and there is more to come but l am bugged with a half **sed airport. I dont mean anything negative, i love the update & the community. (Pics shown below)
On a side note i will be at the KFAT airshow on Saturday put on by the 144th Fighter Wing (I will be uploading videos & photos)

It threw the camera violently up and down not the aircraft, just every camera angle

Litterally 1/3 of KFAT. & other than that beautiful sceanery

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Thanks for the help @Moritz