Hakkiesdoorn Madness in South Africa


I saw a discussion about an airport called Hakkiesdoorn, ICAO FY1F. The terrain is broken there, so I decided to take a go at landing the XCub (succeeded) and the TBM-930 (failed).

The location is South Africa, I flew on Solo. Took a few attempts to land in this ditch, but at least I made it. Flew at about 0945Z. The pictures are of the dough like South African landscape and of the airport itself.

2. 3.

Please comment on which of the pictures did You like the best, what I should improve!

Have a nice day.


Wow! I love landing at glitched airports! It’s fun! ;)

Nice photos mate!

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I am thinking of hosting a landing competition here, just like are on the 15th. Just don’t know what date to pick.

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Landing at glitched airports is cool, I one did one in a E190!

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Yesterday I did it in the x Cub at that same airport. Takeoff and landing. 1st try. Cool photos!

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