Hair Force One Livery

This Aircraft is part of a group of liveries by DHL as they are an official sponsor of the Grand Tour TV show, a TV show made by amazon wich is a bit of a remake of Top Grear, while not aviation related the show is primarily focused on cars, but James May the one pictured on the above plane does have a pilots license. This aircraft is a 757F model, wich bears the registration G-DHKK, and is named Hair Force One. I really do think that Special Liveries are somewhere IF lacks, and this would be a memorable one to say the least!

Copyright issue again… May not happen


Sorry for being an aviation nerd, but in the pic you are giving us, it is a 757-200F. :) But weird livery although a good choice! Good luck!

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Oh sorry, one of the other liveries in the series is a 76, that is like a feast for dyslexia…


It’s fine and don’t worry about it. :)


Well which is it? Your title says hair force one

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Thanks for pointing that out!

I thought this was a Trump 757 livery joke but i’m actually surprised.