“Hainan” Callsign

So I’ve been wondering this for a while: why is there an option to have your callsign as “Hainan” even though Infinite Flight does not have any Hainan liveries in any of the aircraft? Either make the darn livery (which should’ve been done a long while ago) or remove the option to use it as a callsign.


Just because an airline livery does not exist, doesn’t mean that a pilot cannot use it with the generic livery. That is the whole point. A similar example is the Aegean Airlines callsign. No livery in IF but still callsign is available.

If you want the livery so bad, I suggest you make a feature request. Maybe the devs will add it if you get enough votes. But sorry to say, with that attitude I highly doubt it.


Well, in IF there are lots of different callsigns of different airlines and most of the callsigns available arent as a livery in the game

Yes as @Amaar_Viqar said before, there can be also Liveries and Callsigns, without existing Liveries, you know what I mean!
There is still “Spanair” callsign and the company closed some years ago, so in conclusion, isn’t a relation between Liveries and Callsigns.


Lol I’m not having a bad attitude. It’s simply illogical to use a callsign for a non-existent livery in IF. If our purpose is realism, that’s pretty counter-intuitive, don’t you think?

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I realize that. This is just an example using one of the more popular airlines

There may be reasons behind why the dvs are unable to create aircraft with Hainan Airlines livery included. Dvs are currently offering a much possible realism already and by providing with genetic livery and callsign, we can still enjoy the game with realism without the specific livery included in the game

And I 100% disagree with removing the callsign because I honestly don’t see it as an useless system in any way.

You can always fly generic livery.


Here are some feature requests for Hainan liveries if you really want them:

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If I remember correct a certain someone requested the callsign to be added… @Nathan ;)


Looks like I’ve been caught red handed! 🙈

Yes, I did indeed request this callsign along with a few other callsigns you see in-game. Most have been for liveries we already have in-game (especially for subsidiary operators like “Georgian” for Air Canada Express or “Yellow” for DHL Aviation). My reasoning behind requesting Hainan specifically is because I, and I’m sure many others, would like to fly Hainan flights without using the GA callsign (CHH/HU).

After seeing how much traction the Hainan feature requests received, I figured it’d be nice to have the callsign so people can fly these flights in the generic livery (like @HarryH1 stated). We cannot have every livery on the entire planet so who knows if we’ll get any Hainan livery in Infinite Flight. At least we have the callsign though.

But yeah, I’ve made 3 modest requests to add callsigns in-game for liveries we don’t have yet. The developer who has been adding these, plus my legitimate requests, has been very generous in doing so and I am grateful for all that they have done. I won’t say their name unless they want to. Don’t want people bombarding them with requests.

I love flying realistically and that starts with a callsign. Use the generic livery to your advantage! There are thousands and thousands of airlines around the world so we can’t expect the developers to add all of them (maybe in the future). If their respective callsigns can get added, even better! Callsigns are not all that hard to implement versus a livery. :)


I’ve seen a callsign “cow” once.
Anybody seen cows flying?


I don’t know why someone having their own call sign is a problem? Just play the sim & have fun


Very harsh


Not really, lol

There are 100s of calls sign which doesn’t have livery. Call sign file easier to make than actual livery itself. It’s not rocket science. And we have old classic liveries and bankrupt airlines liveries we shouldn’t have them? Stop making “realism” joke guys! Can’t take it anymore ;)

where is hong kong express, hong kong airlines and china southern😡😡

Just fly the Generic livery. Just because an airline doesn’t have any liveries in-game doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have a callsign.

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