Hainan Airlines to Keynes

Hi everyone.
I was just looking at my daily ATW magazine newsletter and saw an article about Hainan Airlines opening 3 new international routes.http://atwonline.com/airports-routes/hainan-airlines-open-three-international-routes?

It states they are starting a flight from Shenzen to Keynes with an A330/787. However this doesn’t make sense as Keynes do not have an international airport (not even sure they have a airport open to commercial traffic). If anyone can let me know what is going on that would be great!
Oskar Clare


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Uh, what? You okay there?

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I couldn’t find a Keynes Airport at all. It makes me think of Milton Keynes in England but there is only surrounding airports available to the city, like Stansted, which is not somewhere Hainan would operate to. Very confusing.

Could it be a typo for Kenya?

Looks like a stupid mistake

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