Hainan Airlines Rumored To Be Taken Over By Air China

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Anyhow, whether Hainan keeps on operating on their own, as a private airline, or they do get bought by Air China, making it a hand asset for the government, then being state-owned, does shift the dynamics of the airline. So far they have grown massively, expanding on their own, while I do not see being government-owned is a negative factor, and/or that it will halt the future expansion of the airline but rather that it too would be a positive matter, since, with the current routes HNA Group Airlines has, many of those do not exist with Air China, now they may either keep them all, or most if they acquire HNA Group as a whole, or they could as I possibly see eliminate a few where demand may be low, especially due to COVID-19 and also since there routes that doesn’t necessarily need to be there as an extra cost for Air China and their business model, alternatively could be altered to benefit and profit Air China’s route network more.

Whichever way it goes, I do see hope in that the HNA Group will be able to continue providing a great selection of routes. If they become a part of CA then, hey, Air China got themselves a boost into many new markets, but how they plan to work with those destinations is what a future can only tell as we move forward in time… they either stay, or the routes dissape…a…r… Thanos Snap ☝



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No! The 5 star airline may be going? Oh man…

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