Hainan Airlines Rumored To Be Taken Over By Air China


Looks like this may be the second airline to fall in 2020.

Hainan Airlines and the HNA Group have been struggling financially for years.

Now, due to the coronavirus, the airline has been forced to significantly scale back its network.

Rumors are circulating within Chinese media (Weibo) that Hainan Airlines will be taken over by Air China. It’s unconfirmed if Air China will liquidate Hainan Airlines or keep it as a separate brand (likely the first one).

(Image by @pekflyer on Twitter)

An early sign of this is China is planning to take over the HNA Group (parent company of Hainan Airlines) and sell off the assets: Mergers & Antitrust Law News

Official news on the situation is expected to be announced in the coming days.


Man, that’s crazy. Really sucks that these airlines are shutting down

Why do I find the Hainan A330 getting Thanos snapped so funny?

Really sad though, Hainan’s a nice airline and one on my list to fly.


I really hope that if Air China does take over, the PEK-SJC route would remain active

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Such a great livery would be missing from the skies 😢

另一个掉下来,另一个掉下来 另一个咬住灰尘




Translate that.

Survive or bye? Hmm I hope they survive, don’t want another airline to go.

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Oh yeah, :) can’t wait to see SFO expand in the meanwhile :) :)

Yes. Good job.

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I can say the same for SJC as well 😃

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Hmm., but SJC could potentially lose Hainan while the rest of Norwegian moves to SFO

Just because we could possibly lose one airline doesn’t mean we will shrink

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We’lol see about that.

Keep in mind that Hainan does not serve the majority of SJC passengers

We will continue to grow and we have been doing so at a rapidly fast pace

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Just watch that not happen… hehehe

Back to topic

Oh it will. We have passed our annual passenger records for 2 years in a row and it’s already looking bright for this year

(Back to the topic)

Sad to see.

I’ve never really been a fan of the airline but the livery is nice.

why has nobody mentioned a plane being thanos snapped