Hainan Airlines "Hai! Manchester" A330-300 livery

Source of the picture: http://www.hnair.com/guanyuhaihang/hhxw/hhxw/201606/t20160612_17692.html

About this line(ZBAA-EGCC) and this aircraft
This aircraft was used for the maiden flight from Beijing to Manchester in June 2016. This line from ZBAA to EGCC is used to compete with the line from Beijing to London Heathrow operated by Air China. Hainan Airlines provide a colorful livery plus this Manchester drawing about Manchester’s famous places of interest and letters written in both English and Chinese. It’s better than the commonly used A330-300 Hainan Airlines livery.

This livery is on very few planes, which makes it special. Registration B-8287, Serial #: 1703, MODE S
780EF8, age: 3 years. This aircraft is mainly on European Routes, such as Beijing-Manchester, Beijing-Brussels, Chongqing/Shenzhen-Rome, etc. and some Chinese domestic routes.

About Hainan Airlines
Hainan Airlines is the 4th largest airlines in China. Hainan Airlines is the world’s largest privately owned airlines company with 247 aircrafts, owning aircraft of Airbus 330 series(200 and 300) and 350; and Boeing 737series(700, 800, and max 8),767(recently retired), and 787series (-8 and -9). It is an important airliner/airlines connecting people of Europe, Asia, and North America. This includes flights of Beijing-Chicago-O’here, Beijing-Seattle Tacoma, Beijing-San Jose, Beijing-Las Vegas, Beijing-Boston, Beijing-Dublin, Beijing-Edinburgh, Beijing-Berlin, Beijing-Brussels, Haikou-Sydney, Beijing-Tel Aviv, Shenzhen-Vienna, and so on.
More importantly, Hainan Airlines is one of the few world 5 star airlines with top 10 ranking rated by Skytrax.

Could you please:

  1. be more specific about the source.
  2. please tell us about the aircraft
  3. please explain why this should be in the game

You did part of that upon edit.

I fixed it.

Maybe we should get Hainan Airlines A330-300 first:)

But I think infinite flight like special liveries more than regular liveries. For instance, the regular China Southern Boeing 787-8 did not get added, but the one with drawing on it got added. In addition, the regular Air China 737-700 did not got added, but the one with colorful painting on it made its way through IF.

Please feel free to reply if anyone has any ideas.


The livery of China Southern B787-8 is their regular livery:)
CSN do not use their traditional livery on 787 Family.
Maybe you are right😄

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Definitely want this since EGCC is my hometown airport! I also really like Hainan Airlines livery in general! Cant believe we dont have any of their liveries in yet for the a330 and 787!


Thanks for the support.:)

You are not the boss of him.Or are you?

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