Hainan Airlines B787-8

Lovely 787 Dreamliner and would look Awesome in the sim.

Photo Credit to Roy Yang


It’s been a while since i saw someone actually crediting the photographer


Don’t see many people credit them these days too.

Love the body of design and great colour both my faves.
Hainan have someting: „May I meet with my step Brother soon on Infinite Flight"? 👏🏼🙏🏼🤓


Just bumping this 5 stars beauty

We need this one!

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Hopefully this will get added in a future update.

We need this so much

I like it:-) I liked it:-D

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I’m gonna give this a bump yes after 2 years to get everyone’s attention on this beautiful airplane.

This needs to get added in the sim sometime sooner or later. I really want to fly KSJC-ZBAA

I will fly this plane everyday, if it is on the app. I flew from ZBAA to KBOS on this plane. Now it is replaced by 787-9

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So, according to the post below, the Hainan callsign came out.

Could this mean that this feature request can be fulfilled? Let’s keep support it! I want to fly KSJC-ZBAA with this beauty.

Hainan Airlines Boeing 787-8 at Brussels, Belgium. November 2019. Posted on Twitter.


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What a beautiful livery on such a small plane! Let’s make this happen!