Hainan Airlines’ A359 in IF

(Most) Screenshots were edited with Photoshop.

Server: ES
Callsign: CHH7703
ETE: 3:15
Registration: B-1069(Hainan) & B-304D(China Eastern)
Route: Beijing(ZBAA) to Shenzhen(ZGSZ)

This flight was conducted with China Eastern’s livery. Screenshots was taken from replay and later edited in photoshop. Flight safety was never jeopardized.

Taking off at Beijing.

Cruising at FL401(12200M)

Landing at Shenzhen Runway 15. (I didn’t edit this one because I was lazy)

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How the hell did you edit them so nicely?


There is a Hainan A350 😱

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In real life, yes. In IF, nope.

If only we had this livery…

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There are so many posts request Hainan’s livery but none was made into IF so far. Probably because they don’t have a lot of votes.


These edits, they are beyond stunning. That looks like it’s in IF, that is such a huge accomplishment, it is just, awesome. This is one of — if not the best livery edit on the IFC!


That edit is super clean. Love it! Great job!

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What you said just made me feel sorry for being lazy and not editing the last screenshot. Glad you like it.

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Nice we need someone representing. Great shots btw

That is one seriously convincing edit…way better than anything I’ve ever done cough

Can you tech me to do those incredible edits there!!!

That edit is insane! How on earth did you do that so cleanly? Looks so real! By far the best edit I’ve ever seen. Well done!👏🙇‍♂️🧞‍♂️


Well, you just need to find photos of the real plane as reference, and then paint the livery on the screenshot. It’s a bit more complicated than that but you got the point.

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Honestly incredible stuff man, you fooled me.
The detail and accuracy on these are insane, it looks like an official livery, I had to do a double take to make sure we didn’t have the hainan livery in IF already.
All the more impressive because we don’t have a single hainan livery you could have used as a source, the way that your design interacts with the shadowing and curves of the 350 is truly stellar.
I would encourage you to make more of these, i don’t know the last time I was this impressed by something!
Keep up the great work!

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I honestly thought this was in IF! Just wow!