Hainan Airlines 737 MAX 8

Recently, Hainan Airlines has become the second Chinese airline to take delivery of the 737 MAX after Air China. It would be great to see this livery be added if we ever get a 737 MAX, as there isn’t a Hainan Airlines livery in the sim yet. Photo credits to Huy Do on Jetphotos.
The 737 MAX is the next iteration of the popular 737 family that features new winglets, engines, and a new tailcone along with various other improvements to help it burn less fuel than the existing 737 Next Generation while being much quieter.
Hainan Airlines is based in Haikou, China, and flies to various international destinations with a fleet of 737, 787, and A330 aircraft, with most of their long-haul flights flying from Beijing to destinations like Seattle, Calgary, and Boston. They are one of the world’s Skytrax 5-star airlines and ranked 9th on the 2017 list of the world’s best airlines.

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How about a little bit about the 737MAX, and a little bit about Hainan Airlines? For the credit - Please read the full topic I provided. You should leave a link to the photo.


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Hainan Airlines‘ livery looks gorgeous on the 737MAX 😍


Why Hainan Airlines
Hainan Airlines is the world’s largest privately owned airlines company with 227 aircrafts, owning aircraft of Airbus 330 series(200 and 300) and 350; and Boeing 737series(700, 800, and max 8),767(recently retired), and 787series (-8 and -9). It is an important airliner/airlines connecting people of Europe, Asia, and North America. This includes flights of Beijing-Chicago-O’here, Beijing-Seattle Tacoma, Beijing-San Jose, Beijing-Las Vegas, Beijing-Boston, Beijing-Dublin, Beijing-Edinburgh, Beijing-Berlin, Beijing-Brussels, Haikou-Sydney, Beijing-Tel Aviv, Shenzhen-Vienna, and so on.
More importantly, Hainan Airlines is one of the few world 5 star airlines with top 10 ranking rated by Skytrax. They provide wonderful services and affordable prices. Hainan Airlines ranks TOP 10 in the world’s safest airliners.
Why Boeing 737 Max 8
Boeing 737 Max 8 is one of the most advanced Boeing 737 products that has ever released. Boeing 737 MAX 8 is a great representative of the 4th Generation of the Boeing 737. In addition, the Boeing 737 MAX 8 has 1000km longer cruising distance than a 737-8. In IF, the pilots can operate flight from Anchorage to Beijing non-stop. The new wing with special tip and better engine had greatly enhanced the fuel-efficiency of the Boeing 737. Now, airlines worldwide are buying many of these MAX 8, including Alaska Airlines, Southwest AIrlines, Air China, Hainan Airlines and so forth. The information is provided below.

Hainan Airlines is a big and great customer for Boeing
I think IF have already released the Boeing 737-900, so I am not going to talk too much about it.
Hainan Airlines also have many cute planes

This picture was taken by myself(the Boeing 787-9 to KSJC). Credit GIVEN TO MYSELF!!
Information about MAX 8 from Wikipedia.



Very nice livery!You have got my vote~
Hope this would be added to IF.

Ok, I think it would be best for everyone to save their votes, and put it in the A350 feature, instead of spreading them out. I am fairly sure that if they make the A350, Hainan will be added without a doubt.

Not bad idea. Maybe someone should create a feature for Hainan A350.

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