Hainan A330‘s formation flight

Hi guys! I’m Simon Guo. I held an event this weekend, I and the other 3 pilots flew in the blue blue sky in Hainan. Let’s check it out!

Route information: ZJQH to unknown 😂
Aircraft & Livery: A330 Hainan Airlines.

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Thanks For Watching!


These photo’s are very good! What server was it?

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Training Server.
Because of some rules in ES.

Nice! Been a while since I’ve seen a picture of airliners in a formation.

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Wow, cool pics, formations are always cool!

I’d love to watch your replay and take some shots from it, could you share it? I will give you credit in case I post any photo I take.

Of course you can say no.

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Sure thing!
I’ll send you after finishing the flight KLAX-PHNL.
P.S. We didn’t actually finish the flight because one of us had got no fuel. So after the big turn in the final we quit the game.

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Haha me too

Hope you to enjoying the flight here!

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