Haikus Are Cool


I learnt about Haikus and now I can’t stop spewing them. So here are a bunch of pictures with a Haiku each.


Photo locations:

British C130 - Near RAF Brize Norton
Maverick - NAS Pensacola
A380 - Sydney
Crystal luxury - Near the US-Canada border next to the Atlantic
American - La guardia
Emirates - Dubai
747 - After takeoff from Amsterdam
Indian C130 - Near Leh Airbase
Sun Country (Apollo) - Troll Airstation

C130s are so awesome
Carrying the British flag,
as they lift their load

Maverick is approaching
It’s time to buzz the tower
Report for dismissal

With engines big,
and wings long, and gears so strong
The peaceful whale, lands

Crystal Luxury
Los Angeles to New York
Luxury Indeed

Really a dream
American as can be
With some bad service

In the hot desert
Mega-hub to mega-hub
Emirates soars

People and cargo,
fly Intercontinental
on the graceful queen

It’s republic day
While the grand aircraft parade,
the Indians rejoice

(I know Republic Day was yesterday, but I didn’t want to waste a perfectly good photo)

Bonus points if you get the reference

Avgas breaks through snow
United pleads for my help
I am so awesome


Damn these haikus are rlly nice. Love it! 🔥


Why thank you.


Haikus are very cool

But I am not good at them

So I shall not try

Great pictures buddy!

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Yes, Haikus are cool

Why thank you, Mr British panda

That was a good one

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In verse we find delight,
But hidden beauty shines so bright,
In screenshots, too.

Nice photos!

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Here are some haikus

however, some of them aren’t

embarrassing, yes.

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This… this is honestly so beautiful!

Gonna pretend I didn’t see that.

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