Haifa Airport Infinite Flight vs REAL

I was pleased to hear that the recent update contain my hometown airport in 3D - Haifa (LLHA)

And I had an idea, to make the same flight as I did with my pilot friend, but on Infinite Flight skies:)

Here’s some real life vs Infinite pics.

Haifa, Israel


That’s so cool! We need more of things like this.

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ur lucky to live in Israel! עם ישראל חי!


@MADCAT nice

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!@MADCAT ,שבת שלום

Awesome shots! I’m the editor of Haifa, and I am ecstatic to see you replicate a real-life flight of yours!

As you know, airports in Israel have 💩 imagery. Thus, there are, unfortunately, likely some inaccuracies in my work, especially with the 3D. If you have any photos you would like to share, please send them my way, and I will get to work.

!להתראות לעת עתה, ידידי


Hey friend!
First of all, you did an AMAZING job! The fuel area, terminal and stands are accurate. Now the military area is located where the green airplanes is currently are. But still, outstanding job!:)
I currently don’t have pictures for example but its a small details
BTW, your hebrew is amazing 😁😜


did you really have to pilot a real plane to take those pics? Just wondering lol