Had to go around due to aircraft on runway


I’d like to know who I can file a report on either the air traffic controller or the pilot. I was on short final already cleared to land at SPJC on expert server. An aircraft got immediate takeoff i was still within separation distance and then the controller has the next aircraft lineup and wait. I’m now about less then two miles out now i’m less then one mile out and the controller has the pilot imemeidate takeoff. I reported multiple times that I was on final when the controller had the pilot lineup and wait. I’m less then 500 feet from the ground when the aircraft starts it’s roll if I was to land the aircraft would be rolling down the runway the same time i touch down. As I felt the right thing to do was go around and avoid a collision I announced a go around and got in the pattern and landed a few minutes later. I would like to file. report against the controller or pilot whoever was at fault for putting someone on the runway when an aircraft is at short final. Aircraft on short final have right of way. Go around happened at 14:50 UTC today. Thank you

you can’t report anyone for that. It’s honestly not that big of a deal

Mistakes do happen. Fortunately you made the right decision to go around. Because go arounds do happen. My best advice would be to contact the controller via PM and discuss the matter. Maybe that’ll help clear things up for you.


i don’t know how to find the controllers username. If violations and reports are to be very strictly enforced to pilots from controllers I feel it should be the same way. Putting 340 of my passengers lives in danger should not be ok.

But controllers can’t be “reported”. Sure, we can look into it and see if there are any trends and address the situation. I’m not saying controllers shouldn’t be held to the same standards as we ask of the pilots. Again, mistakes do happen. If you look into your replay, press the “states” button and it will show who was controlling at the time. Then you can find them here on the IFC, message them and discuss it.

You are still flying the plane and not the controller. So again, by going around you made the right decision. You could also share your replay with me in a PM so I could have a look to see how far away you were.

I do ask that if you decide to contact the controller, you go into it respectfully.


Luckily your 340 passengers are not real and mistakes like that can happen. What was your callsign and I’ll be able to give you your controllers name. Perhaps Lan Chille that went around at 14:53 UTC? @Aryan_789 was the hard working controller at SPJC at that time. Hope you can get it sorted 👍


lan chile 535 heavy

That would be you then. Try getting in contact with the controller i’ve mentioned above.

did so would like to take action

Make sure you get that report in as quick as possible and have that controller dismissed. What a deadly situation - I mean, someone could have been killed!


Contact @appeals if you would like to take it further.

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if this was real life that would’ve happened. i take infinite flight serious and don’t take it as a game.

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even though i did not get a violation?

My bad i’ll find the correct contact for you now unless someone can provide it before me.


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Contacting a supervisor would be your best bet or else just open a chat with @appeals. Nothing more I can suggest. But as me and others have said, the controller most likely made a little mistake and it’d be better off having a chat with him while coming across nicely.

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