Had a random grade drop to level 2?

I have just come back to flight to see that to flight had stopped.
I set everything APPR before I left the house for an hour and a half or so.
I looked back at the replay and after 50 minutes in to the plane took a sudden dive randomly and I must have got a violation as I want to restart the flight and couldn’t…!
Can anyone help ?

Sounds like you incurred multiple level 1 speed viols after setting up auto VNAV, to descent automatically, and not APPR.
Go back to view replay and check the text for all kinds of comms include unicom to see if violation(s) have been issued
To do that click on headphone symbol and it will reveal text data.

Come back here if thats the case😎

No I didn’t set the VNAV, just the LNAV and APPR literally a dive not a decent. Hard to explain with out showing what happened.
Didn’t even get past 10,000ft to get a violation I don’t think. The replay just cut off about 5 seconds after the dive

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Can you share your replay?

Ah sounds more familiar your IF app crashed caused by internal storage issue/overheating? Have you restarted your device?
If it dropped to level 2, its either because of the violation (s) you incurred - you cant go into Expert Server for a least a week (7 days) until the last violation incurred dropped off or you have not met the grade 3 requirements like number of landings over past 90 days.
Best to share the replay so people can help you out!

😬 never shared a flight before so not sure how to. And I want to appeal it to but don’t know how to.
I need help 😂 thanks

To share your replay you can go to this website down below. Or you can follow the topic linked underneath it.

Appealing violations. You can appeal level 1 violations if they were caused in-app and you didn’t do anything.

In order to do so, contact @appeals with your replay handy.

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