Had a Great Afternoon of Flying on Playground

I spawned into KNUC as AF1 and began my journey around SoCal. Once airborne off of RWY 24, I noticed an F22 following me pretty close behind. I thought nothing of it, and continued flying. The F22 did not leave, but rather he got closer and essentially escorted me on my journey. When he had a bit of trouble all of a sudden and fell from the sky, I thought the fun was over. I changed my heading to 195 and created a new flight plan that would guide me back into KNUC. Lo and behold, there he was again! He soon joined in behind me as he had before, and we continued inbound to KNUC. The landing in KNUC went off without a hitch, smoothest landing I’ve ever had in IF. Mr. Obama would have been proud. Once on the ground, the second 742 with the AF1 livery joined us. Sadly, we did not take off again, but we called it a day on the grass at KNUC.

If you guys are reading this, thank you. I was seriously thinking about giving up on IF, but after today, there’s no way that’s happening. Below I have included some photos of our final moments together in KNUC.


Sounds like a nice day in IF

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This is probably the only good experience I’ve ever heard of on playground. Maybe things are getting better…


Wait until we get buildings. What will Freeflight be like? 🤔😂


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