Hacked infinite flight account?

So, I haven’t played infinite flight for over two weeks. today I wanted to play it, but I was not able to join expert server, because of too many violations. I didnt recall myself flying in past 7 days, so I went to replays and I was right, last flight was in 29.04. After it, I went in logbook, and there was so many other flights which I don’t remember, just because I have not flew these routes. I have only one device. Is it possible to see somewhere, who other is flying or which device is connected to my IF acc or maybe my apple account?

@kvik747 Is there a possibility that someone you are living with played on your device? If not, change your account password immediately, and contact support.

Did you maybe get violations on your last flight? Because it takes 7 days for the violations to go away…

He says he hasn’t played in to weeks…

No, the thing is. On replay list last flight is in 29.04. on logbook 13.05. So it means last flight on MY device was more than 2 weeks ago.

Message a moderator and provide your current callsign and display name. They will look at your recent account activity and work with you from there.

29.04 is two weeks ago. Perhaps your landing to violations ratio is too high? Maybe send us a screenshot!

Change the password of the account you logged in on, (i.e. Facebook, Google), and contact Infinite Flight Support.

A screenshot would be helpful.

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He is stating there are flights he did not fly.

Any answers which do not pertain to that, please read this:

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Do you see the flights in your replay list? If so those are on your device.

PM me your callsign and I can look and see if others are using it.