Hacienda Napoles Airport SQFQ

We should add this airport to the game. It is the airport of Hacienda Napoles, Pablo Escobar’s private mansion in Colombia. It is now closed. This airport can be fun and people can fly here.

Image source: Pete Hottelet

This would be a request for the IFAET (editing team) and they don’t take requests…

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it is a feature request

This still applies to IFAET work. Anything airport related is mostly managed by them.

Airports are not considered features, and they are added by a separate team called IFAET, and this team doesn’t take requests.

I can work on it after I finish my current project, just PM me. Please not that the IFAET doesn’t usually take requests so keep that in mind.

oh we cannot make airport feature request?

ok i will ask you later, thank you

Airports to be added aren’t feature requests.

Also, as far as I know, airports don’t get included when they’re permanently closed. The only exception is VHHX and other airports of historical significance, because of obvious reasons.

Edit: Just asked and confirmed that it won’t be included, since this airport is closed.

Also Ploče in Croatia and Meigs Field I have seen that are closed.