HAAB Operations - What to do when you fly at HAAB

Dear IFC pilots,

As you know one of today’s focus airports on the expert server is HAAB. HAAB as 2 runways, however one of the runways is used as a taxiway. So for example right now at HAAB, you will be given taxi instructions to 07R as 07L is being used as a taxiway. So, when you are given taxi instructions to 07R, please hold short of 07L and contact Tower, Tower will then give you a “Back Taxi and contact ground when you exit” instructions. Then Back taxi 07L towards 07R. There may be a line on 07L and thats ok. Stay on Tower frequency the whole time and do not switch to ground. You will then be given permission to take off from 07R when you are cleared to do so.

Hope this helps!


Charts? A little more substance, please

This was a part of FNF a few weeks back, likely a few charts from that one

Green is taxi. Yellow, takeoff.


Thanks for the picture @Chris_S!

They switch between the runways they use in real life. Whichever one is not being used for operations is a taxiway.

We landed on the runway closest to the terminal though. Do they still use the other runway as a taxiway, even if it’s not entirely necessary?

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Yes because they can have more inbounds of traffic isn’t back taxiing.

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Taxiway is blocked on E, or the ramp has a plane blocking the way to the gate waiting to taxi

Actually, now that I look at the chart, there’s no taxiway to the terminal area other than C. I’m an idiot…

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