HAAB on expert

Yesterday, I flew from HAAB to FACT and these are some of the photos I got.

Server: Expert


Thanks for viewing, and have a good day!


Very nice! I love that second one :)

May I just say that those are some cool pics!!
According to the rules of #screenshots-and-videos you must have some more info about the flight, Example: flight time, full route, date etc… I suggest reading it

I see that, but there isn’t really a route I’m flying, it’s just a picture on the ground.

For your flight did you just stay at 1 airport? It’s not needed, you can put it like this,
Server: Expert
Flight route: N/A
Flight time: ___

Well since it’s all NAs and —s, why do I have to put it in my post? All it does it’s create unnecessary clutter on the post where there isn’t anything to see anyway.

@Captain_JingRan It’s giving us information about your flight if you look at these, you can see all the information. We want to know about your flight, you mentioned in your OP that you flew from HAAB to FACT, which means that there is a flight time and like a distance

Credits to
@Cap_J and @Igor_M

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@CPT_Colorado thanks bro