HAAB flights

Hello, as you may know, this week’s ATC scheduled airport is HAAB on Saturday. I am looking for a 13-15 hr flight with the 77W and any airline flying into HAAB. If there is none, feel free to tell me a flight of 4 hrs, to 2 hrs and 30 mins of flight time with the 77W flying into HAAB.

Hey mate,

I would love to recommend to you a website that I use called flightsfrom.com

You can search any airport and it shows all the routes from your chosen airport.

It’s a super handy tool and I certainly recommend that you check it out.

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There’s an IFC event there this weekend as well so go an check that out. It’s an event hosted by @FedExVirtual for @Ethiopian_Virtual. You are able to fly any where you want but its definitely going to have IFATC at that time.


Flightsfrom is a great resource as Declan mentioned. As for routes off the top of my head, IAD-ADD is almost 13 hours long, however it’s with the 777-200LR and not -300ER. As for the shorter routes, Qatar flies the -300ER DOH-ADD which is a little under 4 hours.


Thx. I might do

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There you go mate!


thanks for posting that of them


No worries at all. Happy to help!


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