Gyrocopters would be a great addition to IF.
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Helicopters are a bad enough idea… And you want SMALL helicopters? :’(


Helicopters are a great idea, but I can see people not following any rules in them.


No. Gyrocopters in are a pain in real life and would be more of a pain in IF. People that have been around a GYRO would know.


We all love taking the piss out of these things.
But yeah, vtols would be pushing it,
Helis would be a bad idea,
This I don’t think would work at all

Nice suggestion though

I’m all for it. These little guys take off and land like small fixed wing aircraft. If pilots appropriately control their presence out of restricted airspace these could be a great addition.

The closest I will get to one of those is Far Cry 4

Why are helis a bad idea? This is a sim right?

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I find flying helicopters a horrible experience in FSX, I would not like this, it’s a no from me

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Let’s think before about the A350, and then maybe about Helicopters ;)


I don’t know if we should even add the A350, we just got the 787, and the A350 is almost identical to the 787, just Airbus’s version.


What??? The Airbus A350 is completely different from the B787!! 😱

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Agree with you

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Understand the thing…i t does looks a bit identical from exterior… The wing tips and nose are preety similar

Would fly in if when in game

Having GA planes can be bad sometimes, because pilots skip ques, buzz the runway etc etc, the only peace we get is when they are off turning around for another run. Now, I,age the same thing, but with an aircraft that doesn’t always move forward. You’d get people hovering in front of your cockpit when on the runway. And it’ll get very annoying for everyone. Trolls would be out in full force if they added helicopters.

That dosnt mean they shouldn’t be added into a simulation tho. But i dont think we’re ever gonna get more GA because of the people on this forum

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