Gyro & A/P stop work and got violations

I flew a flight from EGLL to EHAM it’s a only one hour flight,but I fell asleep and didn’t close IF, so the fuel ran out and I got 5 violations. I can’t be Grade 3.I want to know can it be deleted? If possible.Thanks

Unfortunately it cant be reversed. It is up to you to make sure you have enough fuel on board. Been there done that😂


I fell asleep 🤣and it was enough

Unfortunately violations will only be reversed if there was an issue or bug within the app. Considering you fell asleep, I believe these violations won’t be reversed.


You should be back to your original grade after a week. There’s things happen sadly, we can only take responsibility and learn from our mistakes


Ok, thanks for your help @Chatta290 @Declan_O


Ok,and does that make a difference to my IFATC status. @Declan_O

You need to wait one week to be back grade 3 and be caution next time


Ok,thank you

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Ok,I find reason now. My aircraft didn’t ran out fuel. My iPad’s gyroscope because too hot broke. And I didn’t know

It is not possible @CrisYe. It happened to me as well XD. It is the pilot’s responsibility.

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Look here,A/P wasn’t work,but my gyro broke so still decent

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And engine power still 54.7%

Can violations deleted?

You left the app for over a minute, and are level under 10K ft over 115knts over the speed restriction.
Why didn’t you reduce your thrust and put the autopilot back in?

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Fell asleep

That’s the problem right there…
Don’t fall asleep on approach.

Not approch

I flew to EHAM

I just want to decent to FL120