Guys what does this mean?

I had accidentally clicked download all and now it said this I did not want this…

The imperial forces of the darkside now have your information and are going to destroy, be careful!

Nah I have no clue, sorry man :), hopefully one of the mods or regs on here will know :)


Oh you got me scared. 😅

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This is just confirmation that the materials you pushed to download have been downloaded and put into a zip file so that you can access it all in one place

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It has been downloaded to my files?

I believe the downloaded material is in the link the bot sent you

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Hi, per european GDPR law a company operating there is required to provide your’s data if you request it. To not have the hassle of handling every report individually and just because they don’t need your data that much, everyone can get all of their IFC activity ever in one big file. If you don’t need it, just ignore it and nothing will happen.

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Ok I will ignore it thanks. I was scared. 😅

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Nothing to worry about — as others have said, that’s a way to get all the data about you that’s stored here. If you don’t want to concern yourself with it, you can just ignore it and the link will expire. No issue :)